A Word From Our Vice President

WHM Vice President Apostle Otha Bell

              A Word from our Vice President!

      Fellow Ministers, Colleagues, Members, Saints and Friends!

   Please allow me to formally introduce myself among the people of God. My name is Otha Bell, and I am an Apostle of God. I live in Georgetown, Texas with my wife of 18 years Carol Ann, and my daughter Natalie Mae. I have been saved and in the ministry of the Gospel of Christ for 45 years, and I bring a wealth of education, experience, and revelation along with me to the Ministry. I have been a Pastor of three churches, founding one, and have served in various capacities in the Prison Ministry, Church and Parachurch groups and organizations. I am a consecrated Bishop and an affirmed Apostle, as well as having being ordained by Withered Hand.

   I am humbled and honored that you would receive me to serve our Lord and among His anointed as Vice President of Withered Hand Ministries It has been, and forever shall be, my prayer that Withered Hand Ministries fulfill the mandate of ministry that the Father revealed to our Dear Brother, Founder and President Jerry Hulse those many years ago. WHM, and everyone that has been involved in this work, have been tried by and in the fire and by the grace and mercy of God has and will come forth as pure gold.

   I was asked upon my appointment, what are my plans, and/or my outlook for the ministry? The answer to that question is very simple; I wish to see all of our Leaders, Pastors and Ministers have access to, come under, and operate in a paradigm that is Biblical, that has been proven to be authentic, and that has withstood the crucible of time, temptation, test and trial, namely, that paradigm is that we are , and will be taught, trained, equipped, activated and released in our Five-fold, Marketplace and other Ministries and spiritual gifting’s (enablements).

   To accomplish, identify, and recognize that I would like to introduce an assessment tool to all of Withered Hands. This assessment is first and foremost for each licensed or ordained minister to gain revelation knowledge of who, what , and where they are in the Lord, and then secondly, identify where Withered Hands can come alongside and provide the necessary tools, materials, teaching, etc. in order for us fulfill the assignment given unto us all by our Lord Jesus.
While this concept may be new to some, this will especially benefit our young ministers and the youth who the Lord will send our way in trust to make them able ministers of the New Testament. As a man of God and Prophet of the Most High, I fully expect and know that if we commit to prepare, train and equip those able ministers, Withered Hands will attract the same, and we will produce more.

   My plan is simple; do what Jesus did, follow His example to the disciplining of the 12, and of the 72 sent out T.T.E.A.R. able ministers of the “new and living way”, not after the old order of a Levitical priesthood, but after the Priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek; settle them in the Word of God, so that they, their families, churches and ministries can remain and be a blessing.

Humbly Submitted

Apostle Otha Bell, Vice President of Withered Hand Ministries

Are You Answering the Call #2: Romans 11:29

Greetings Heirs of God, and Joint-heirs with Jesus Christ!

After one is called, and has answered, he/she is, and should determine to be one of the chosen. Not to worry, for it is the Almighty God that not only has called and chosen you, even before the foundation of the world, but has made provision for the vision, mission, and fulfillment of whatever ministry He has placed you in.

Whether you are one of the Five fold Ministry/Office gifts (Ephesians 4) or believe that you are without a “pulpit” calling, we all have been called and gifted to fulfill the Great Commission of Matthew 28 and Mark 16. In order to do this, “to work the work” of the ministry God has made provision…He has provided what the Apostle Paul calls “gifts” (perhaps a better word would be “enablement’s”) for the calling to fulfill, which are without repentance. Our Scripture of study declares, “For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance”. First let’s speak on the gifts, and then the call being without repentance. When the Bible speaks about a gift it is saying that the gift is a gift of grace, a gift involving grace on the part of God as the donor or giver either of His free endowment upon sinners, or of His endowment upon the believer by the operation of Holy Spirit in the church. The Greek word “charisma” is employed, which means “a divine gratuity, i.e. deliverance from danger or passion; specially, a spiritual endowment; a free gift or favor with which one receives without any merit of his own”.

The Gift of God – the greatest gift of God given to man is the right, privilege, and ability to be born again and become a son of God by faith through the sacrifice of the blood Jesus Christ. Subsequent to that, the receiving and baptism of God, the Holy Spirit is what Andrew Murray call “the second gift of grace”; it is God imparting Himself into the reborn human spirit. With this impartation, God sets up residence in the believer, and brings with Him the spiritual and ministry gifts.

The Spiritual Gifts – Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12 speak about theses gifts; prophecy (this is the simple gift of prophecy – to edify, exhort, and comfort), teaching, exhortation, giving, administration/oversight, and mercy are mentioned in Romans 12. 1 Corinthians 12 brings us, what is called the 9 gifts of the Spirit; there are 3 that let you “know” something, namely, the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, and the discernment (understanding/interpretation) of spirits; 3 that let you “say” something, namely, prophecy (both fore-telling and forth-telling), tongues, and the interpretation (understanding) of tongues; and 3 that let you “do” something, namely, the working of miracles, faith, and the gifts of healing. The Apostle declares that “there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit (for it is Holy Spirit that diversifies the gift). And there are differences of administration, but the same Lord (for it is the Lord that administers the gifts). And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God (for it is the Father that gives the power/energy for the gift) which worketh all in all”.

The Five-fold Ministry/Office Gifts – Ephesians 4 speaks of these gifts of grace (the Apostle, the Prophet, the Evangelist, the Pastor and Teacher) given to the Body of Christ, “for the perfecting of the saints…for the saints to do the work of the ministry…for the edifying (building up) of the Body of Christ…till we all come into the unity (being one as was Jesus was/is with the Father) of the faith (that is the faith, Jude says, that was “once delivered unto the saints”), and of the (revealed) knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect (mature) man, unto the measure of the stature (full grown sons) of the fullness of Christ”.

All this is expressed in the sense of “a calling”, which here means a vocation…which is without repentance, meaning “which brings no regret”. In other words, this means that God won’t take back what He has given or provided. Why? Because by the determined counsel of His own will, before the foundation of the world, without any outside pressure, in the Eternal past, the Godhead gave and provided these gifts. There is no need to “repent”, that is to change one’s mind or direction, in regard to God giving, providing, or enabling His saints; His purpose’s will be realized in and through His full grown, mature sons as it was through His Firstborn Son.

What God has done in Christ for you, and what God is doing through Holy Spirit in you, He will never repent of change His mind, will, and purpose for you whether in gifts or calling.

The time is now; the will set, and the purpose clear!

 Are You Answering the Call  #1: Matthew 22:14

   Greetings Sons of God!

  Yes, even you my Sister’s; for you are sons of God in female bodies.

   Matthew 22:14 “For many are called, but few are chosen”, occurs at the end of a parable told by our Lord Jesus which is both prophetic and revelatory. Jesus favored teaching this way, in parabolic language, that is He preferred teaching in “a short statement or comments that conveyed a meaning indirectly using comparison, analogy or the like”. Many of the “mysteries” of the Kingdom of God were related to use in parables, and now with the help of Holy Spirit, we can begin to understand and interpret their meanings and deep spiritual truths.

   This parable, sub-titled “the king’s marriage feast”, tells about a “certain” king. When Jesus injected the word certain into a parable He was speaking about a real person, place or event but again telling the story for as an analogy. This King, if one reads the parable and has revelation knowledge, is without a doubt speaking about God, the Father who had made a marriage for His Son (who without a doubt was/is Jesus). The King sends His servants (the Patriarch’s, Priest’s, and Prophet’s) to call “them that were bidden” or had been previously invited to the wedding (without doubt the Children of Israel), but the refused to come. The King still sends out other servants, who alert those invited to come to an already prepared wedding feast, but they made light of it going about in their own ways doing business and other activities of their daily lives. Some of those invited individuals even took some of the King’s servants and mistreated and killed them.

   This action, the refusal to respond to an invitation, especially to a wedding, was almost unheard of in Biblical times; weddings and wedding feasts were occasions that commanded the attention and attendance of more than just the bride’s and groom’s family and friends, but often the whole population of towns and villages would come out, as well as some enemies who would become friends because of the celebration of the covenant of marriage. Jesus tells us that the King was “wroth” and sent His armies (angels/judgement s, etc.) to destroy those people and burn their cities. Again, if one reads this parable with understanding, one can see the almost the entirety of history of the Old Testament in these verses.

   The King takes a unusual step, He sends forth yet other servants with the command…,”Go ye therefore unto the highways, and as many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage”. The highways in Biblical times were dangerous places to be. Almost always one would encounter thieves and robbers over the road, who would relieve you of your money, and sometime your life. These individuals who the King sent for, and invited the to His son’s marriage, were the criminals, sinners, drunks, etc. as well as some of the poor, informed, non-citizens, etc. When the King came into the wedding feast and saw one of those who now were invited, but not dressed in the right clothing, He ordered that the invited guest be bound and casted out.

                What then is the revelatory meaning of this Scripture?

   I believe one can see the prophetic meaning rather clearly looking both before and ahead in how God has dealt and will deal with His people, who should have come to Jesus in the pardon of their sins; and to those who did come but like the 5 Foolish Virgins of Matthew 25, they were not ready to attend the Marriage Supper being clothed in their own (righteousness) or some other (religious) “clothing”, instead of the righteousness of God which is in Christ Jesus.

   The revelation is that many have been previously called (invited/bidden) in te foreknowledge of God…called before the foundation of the world…but some have taken the invitation lightly and have been burden with “the cares of this world…”, thus, they have been to busy to not only have the will and Word of God revealed to them, but even if they have a revelation they don’t act on it (in and by faith), and thus produce no fruit. Those who have “answered the call” by responding to the invitation, getting properly dressed, and then attending the marriage are those who were indeed chosen.

It’s all a matter of choice!  Watch For Part II! 

Apostle Otha Ulysses Bell, Jr.
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