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As a token of our love and appreciation for dropping by our site, we have made some of Evangelist Jerry's powerful inspirational books available just for you.

These Inspirational books can be read on line or downloaded for future reading.

Our desire is to help you be all you can be for the Kingdom of God.

These downloads are free but we do ask that you take time and fill out the provided forms and share your testimony of how God has used these materials to enrich your life.

You can find these and more of Evangelist Jerry's anointed books on Amazon, Authors Den and other leading outlets.

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This book is a new release!

This book is an in-dept. study of wisdom taken from an earlier published book titled the Precepts of Wisdom & the Harvest of Understanding. This work is more thorough in exploring wisdom and how it is necessary in making good and sound decisions including how to respond to a situation instead of reacting because to respond correctly will require careful thought and prayer. This study has a chapter on wisdom during temptation that is sure to open some eyes. The bible calls wisdom the principal thing in life which we all need and experience is the best teacher. This study also has a chapter on Wisdom in Leadership. Wisdom is personified in the book of Proverbs as a woman ready to teach her students. Open the pages of this work of faith and allow wisdom to invite you into her classroom and learn how to apply the knowledge and be able to understand the valuable lessons life has taught you.

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A Tribute to all Mothers

This book is a special commemorative edition in honor of Jerry's Mother and all Mothers here in the USA and Abroad. Jerry's mom loved the first edition published in 2011 and it was the last point of contact he had with her until that tragic accident claimed her life.

Thanks to Kindle Amazon for sending us the old manuscript and we now have this special edition published which will reveal to the reader the power that is available to the believer and there is a special chapter in this edition on "Where is the Holy Ghost today" including a letter Jerry wrote to his Mom from the road as a lonely trucker missing his mom that is now with Jesus.

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If you are like many, who, after receiving salvation began a journey that seemed so confusing and uncertain, “A day after Salvation” is the perfect help guide for your continuous growth as a Christian. The journey as a new Christian isn’t easy but well worth the trod. Gods unconditional love is so pure that even when you fall along the way, he is there to dust you off, forgive you and guide you back on the path of righteousness. His sacrifice of death for us to freely live is the main reason we can continue to grow in love and understanding of who we are each day after receiving salvation.

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This book was inspired and written in two nights from the cab of my eighteen wheel truck while parked between loads at the Crete Terminal inside the Walmart Distribution Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming where I work as a dedicated driver hauling Wal-Mart freight.The day is April 1, 2020 and I need some answers because my upcoming mission’s trip to the Philippines is to start on April the 20, 2020 and last till June 5th, 2020.The covid-19 virus is taking the news and causing a worldwide pandemic. My pre-planned schedule was to conduct five spiritual revivals throughout the Philippines including ministering to the native tribes there which had already received and loved some of my spiritual books. This mission’s trip was to last through the month of May and because of the pandemic, some of my flights had already been rescheduled. Beginning April the 5th, 2020, I was scheduled to head back to my home State of Tennessee and get prepared to catch my flight out of Atlanta to Los Angeles which was to leave on the 20th of April. Most men and women of God assured me that God would make a way and I would be able to make the trip but I had a lot invested and needed to hear from God myself.

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This is a tool that's so needful today and my goal is to get it out working in the field. I am almost in tears as I received a text from a mom whose young daughter with three children shot herself in a church parking lot and my thoughts were if only I could have got this book out sooner. Dear reader, through years of prayer, study and experience with God, I believe this book if read with an open mind will provide answers to not only why we were blessed to experience life on this planet but give us a deep revelation of the one who predestined and planned our life to fulfill and accomplish his divine purpose. This book has the answers most everyone is looking for as to why am I here? What is my purpose on Earth and was my life really planned before the foundation of the world? This is also a powerful study on the importance of the precious blood of the Lamb of God that was shed on Calvary for you and for me.

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This book is a summary consisting from years of study, personal experience, and prayer.  Above three years ago March 2017, we retained the services of a publisher however after three years and no proof in our hands, we decided the message is more important than the money therefore we decided to absorb the loss and self publish a book that can and will be used of God to bring true revival hope and direction to a confused world. Forward written by Apostle Don Stewart, Dr. David A A Mungo, Ph.D. and Formerly TBN Branch Manager Minister Mark Crouch /Former Trinity Broadcasting Station Manager with  "WCLJ-TV42" Bloomington & Indianapolis, Indiana!!

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18 Wheels and Jesus: "Trucking for the Cross"

This book has been used by God to touch many lives.

Most people that read it state that it captures the reader and makes them want to read it over and over.

This book is an awesome work of faith and we have plans to turn it into a series.  This work of art is about a professional truck driver preacher living in a fast paced world where everyone is in a hurry to go no where and the love of many has waxed cold.

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This book is a devotional prayer seminar that covers a broad spectrum concerning the benefits of developing and maintaining a sincere prayer life.

This book consists of an in dept study on prayer and the supernatural happenings that came about as the Lord began to touch my heart about the condition of the church and how it is portraying itself to a lost and hurting world.

These are very crucial days and we need the wisdom of God applied to our lives that we may live a good and prosperous life while here on Earth..1 Corinthians 3 verse 22 states that "things present are ours, for support on the road; things to come are ours to enrich and regale for our journey therefore if we belong to Christ, and are true to him and his word, all good belongs to us".

This study will teach us how to enter in and develop a relationship with the Lord producing a dynamic magnified prayer life that is guaranteed to get Heaven"s attention!

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Persecuted But Not Forsaken

This book captures the reader as the trials and temptations of everyday life come in to clear focus on how they are used by our Creator to condition and prepare us for the destiny that was chosen for us before we were born on this planet.

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Strength Through The Vine

This past June 28th, 2018 while traveling the roads through Montana, I had a visitation from the Spirit of God saying, “Jerry I want you to rewrite the book you wrote on “The True Vine.” I said Lord, I have given the notes from that book to others and they are writing books from them to which he replied, “I want you to rewrite it and title it “Strength through the Vine.” I said tell me more and he said “The Test of Strength.” I know this book is going to be used of the Lord to change some lives and give deeper understanding to others and may God get the glory. A-men.

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Tithing in the New Covenant

This book came about as the Lord began to touch Jerry’s heart about the condition of the church and how it is portraying itself to a lost and hurting world. These are very crucial days and we need the wisdom of God applied to our lives that we may live a good and prosperous life while here on this Earth. Dear reader, you will discover in these pages are some valuable insights to help you prosper and fulfill the call that is upon your life and ministry. It covers the prosperity gospel and how it has been abused as others made it into a business. In these pages is an in-depth study on tithing and hopefully realize it can be a blessing to those who honor and celebrate it as being in business with God.

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A Walk through The Beatitudes

This book by Augustina Mergullas gives an in depth study of the Beatitudes and how they can help you in your Christian pilgrimage especially in a world that seems to have lost its sense of direction?

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Free Truckers Stories
Free Truckers Stories

Free Truckers Stories Book is Donated by Step by Step Ministries

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