Support Jerry’s Call to Full-time Ministry


                                     Greetings Everyone!

Beloved, what price can we place on a soul facing an eternity without God?

It has been said that every three hours over twenty six thousand seven hundred people throughout the world are going out into an eternity that they are not prepared for. 

The word in Proverbs 11 states that the fruit of the righteous is a tree of life and a person that will win souls is wise. We find in Daniel 12 verse 3 that they that be wise shall shine as the  brightness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever.

After much prayer and a word from God, Jerry is attempting to do something that he has never done before and that is to ask for your prayers and your financial help in funding his call to full-time ministry.

Dear friends and fellow peers, Jerry has always paid his own way when he travels here and abroad however as of March 24, 2021, God has allowed our Founder Jerry W. Hulse to retire from his trucking career.

After serving more than forty three years in the trucking industry with most of that time being away from home running coast to coast in an 18 wheeler, God has made away for Evangelist Jerry to go full-time ministry.

Beloved this transition is going to require a great sacrifice for Evangelist Jerry because during this transition he will not have the income he made from the road coming into his account and that is why we are asking you to prayerfully consider sowing into this need.

By faith, we are placing the link to Jerry's  pay-pal on this web page which you can use or you can send a check to our home ministry address and include a note for Jerry’s Missions outreach along with your return address.

You will receive a receipt from Withered Hand Ministries, Inc. for your generous donation and gift of love.

Our Founder and Chairman of the Board Evangelist Jerry is willing to answer the clarion call on his life to missions and we at WHM appreciate anything you can do to help meet this need including your prayers.



Sincerely Yours,

Staff  / Withered Hand Ministries, Inc.