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Greetings Everyone,

Welcome to the Hallelujah Times/Excitement in Action!

The Hallelujah Times/Excitement in Action is a monthly newsletter that keeps us updated concerning the adventures of Dr. Jerry and Tin Tin throughout the Philippines.

Hello, my name is Augustina and I am the wife of Dr. Jerry W. Hulse but most people call me by my nickname which is “Tin Tin.”

Dr. Jerry is the International Evangelist representing Miracle Life Church International here in the Philippines.

MLCI is a very well-known evangelistic ministry founded by the late A.A. Allen and carried on after his passing by Apostle Don Stewart.

Dr. Jerry and I are actually blown away by the way God is using us for his honor and glory here throughout these Islands.

Fellow partners, as you may know, my husband after retiring from a forty-three-year career in trucking, was led by the Lord to drop everything in the USA and come to the Philippines for the beginning of a great move of God.

My husband Jerry, had plans to come over in October however through a word of prophecy,  God changed his plans to be here by the first week in March.

The Lord had previously given him visions concerning an area located in Occidental Mindoro which was to be hit with a typhoon and followed by a earthquake, which shortly after took place but in that vision, my husband heard the Lord say, “I want to bring revival there.”

Friends, after Jerry arrived in the Philippines on March the tenth, our first scheduled revival was with Miracle Life Church International Ministry that is located in General Santos, Philippines. 

Dear ones, the Lord moved and touched more than one hundred people with salvation, healings, miracles including deliverance from oppressing spirits.

People of God, our next revival was in Mindoro in a place called Abra De Ilog which was a place God had previously showed Jerry where he had plans for revival.

Beloved partners, I can still recall the powerful service that night which caused a whole Mangyan village to turn to God.

Friends and prayer partners, there was an eighty plus year old lady approached my husband that could not hear or speak and after prayer, the power of God touched that woman instantly healing her from her infirmity.

We were informed that Jesus personally visited them in dreams that night causing some in the village to walk for hours to be in service with us the next day where again the power of God touched a young girl that had suffered with an issue of blood for more than a month.

After leaving Mindoro, we traveled back to General Santos and enjoyed another powerful outpouring of God’s Spirit which branched out to four more Miracle Life Churches and twenty- five church pastors located in North and South Cotabato.

Saints, a powerful revival spirit broke out in all those churches as those twenty-five pastors went back to their churches carrying the revival spirit which God gave my husband when he sent him to the Philippines with (Psalms 113:7-8)

Dear friends and prayer partners, we have most of our services available for view by going to our YouTube Channel which can be reached by clicking this link : “Our YouTube Channel”


Be blessed and be a blessing!

Augustina TinTin “God’s Asian Princess”