Partner With Us



        We are so excited that you have decided to become a part of a growing life changing ministry.     



                                     FOR A LIMITED TIME THE FIRST YEAR IS FREE

    In order to keep the membership as low as possible, starting January 2022 there will be an annual administration fee of thirty five dollars which must me renewed annually to keep your Sam’s Club Voucher through our good name. This fee can be paid in full or in three monthly installment payments!

                                             YOUR MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES

     A.  You will receive a signed certificate confirming your membership!

     B.   You will receive entitlement through WHM to apply for a Sam’s Club Membership Card!          

     C.   Using our voucher, you will pay Sam’s thirty five dollars which can be renewed every year!

     D.   You will receive a mask with our ministry name and logo!

     E.   You will receive an invitation to order a WHM shirt at a low price!