Scripture & Encouragement

                                                           PREPARATION FOR REVIVAL

Saints, for us to experience authentic, heartfelt, life-changing revival, we must realize that revival is not a series of church meetings but is a reviving of that which is dying, such as someone that is pulled out of a lake and needs immediate attention by qualified people that are trained to know what is required to help discharge the water from their lungs and get them breathing again on their own, thus reviving them back to life.

Beloved, did you know that God is in the process of raising people who have been through harrowing trials in life designed to bring them to a place of brokenness, both in their spirit and in their will to follow his leading for their life and ministry?

Saints, our entire life’s experiences have been a training ground to prepare us for where we are today. Our God has allowed heartbreaks, persecutions, and circumstances to come into our lives to prepare his chosen leaders for the coming clash with the Kingdom of darkness.

(Psalms 113:7-8) gives us a picture of the coming end-time revival as the psalmist speaks of the poor (those broken in spirit for their sins) to rise out of the dust (Their shame) and the needy (those specially trained and chosen) to rise from the dunghill (trash pile-low self-esteem) and the Princes (nobody's-not yet known) shall set before the Nobles ( the somebody's) those that are well known) of his people.

Beloved, "The nobody's shall set before the somebody's and become somebody for the masters use or in other words, the remnant, the Mary Magdalen's, the woman at the well and the Sampson's shall be the ones specially groomed and chosen for this coming battle with the kingdom of darkness but beloved, it will require the body of Christ to come together as one unified body working in harmony like a musical symphony, to experience a life-changing revival therefore instead of a one-person show with loose body parts that do not even resemble a body, may we with one mind and one accord work together and finish this race contending for the faith that we may lay hold on eternal life.

 Beloved saints, God is moving people around and is calling what some proud leaders would call the scum of the Earth to be the worship leaders in the end time revival, people that have nothing to lose because they know they will have to fight for every inch of ground they get. Still, they are specially chosen because they do not live for the recognition of this world, therefore beloved, the result will be an ushering in of cleansing and empowerment that will bring hope to a confused world that has lost its way through the greed of men lusting for power over others.

Saints, as we come into holiness and purity, we will be keenly aware that our present way of life today is unacceptable to a Holy God. Therefore, may we kneel before his throne of mercy in repentance and pray till our prayer becomes a cry for the cleansing revival fire to fall upon us and our nation. A-Men.

Church, we are living in a microwave society where we can have a meal in just a few minutes, and with computers in every home, nations today are intoxicated with sex and lewd entertainment with some TV programs using subliminal messages (hidden messages only the sub-consciousness of man can receive) to indoctrinate the minds of those watching their programs.

Beloved, Christians today are deceived into thinking that if they pray and go through the forms of worship, they are qualified to approach our Holy God when they have a need, believing that he will drop everything and meet their need, never being taught that his word states that if there is sin especially unforgiveness in our hearts, "He will not hear us" (Psalms. 66:18).

Beloved, we desperately need a move of God to bring us back to a spirit of prayer requiring a life of holiness and Saints; we desperately need true Revival and not a series of meetings that we call revival, which is nothing more than worked up flesh with people leaving the services more entertained than elevated.

Church, life-changing revival is when we experience God in his holiness doing a work among His people, where everything is consumed and laid bare before the eyes of an all-seeing, all-wise God.

Saints, when God's accurate revival cleansing fire falls on a church body, it will strip the deceptive masks off worked-up flesh and bring order as the Holy Spirit establishes Jesus Christ as Lord over all.

Church, why do pastors send out for a pastor in another church for revival with plans for that same host pastor to come to their church the following month and leave out the work of the Evangelist?

Beloved, it is because they try and keep the meetings in their churches, and in so doing, they give God little room to work, not realizing that revival is not about evangelism but about gathering together as one unified body working in harmony, giving heartfelt worship to our Lord as God, including giving him time and room to revive their church.

Beloved reader, the word states that when Zion (church) gets in travel, she will bring or give birth to her children; therefore, beloved, revival is not proclaiming the Gospel to those who do not know Christ, but saints; revival is God renewing our hearts, it is when God is known and respected as God.

Church preparation for revival comes when we allow God to work in us, to bring us to a place of repentance, which will get us to a new walk of obedience to the Lord and his word.

Saints, if we desire to know God, we must get to know Him in His sovereignty, realizing that He is Almighty God, and for us to experience a life-changing revival, we must know and respect Him as the sovereign God who honors his word above his name. A-Men.

                                        Have You Ever asked yourself - "Why am I Here?"

Dear visitor, did you know that you are not a mistake but were created to fulfill, accomplish something significant, and make a difference in your generation?

Dear reader, did you know that out of all the thousands of sperm released that began swimming toward the egg, God allowed you to make it because you have a divine purpose for being on this planet? The truth is, "You were created to accomplish something special that no other person on Earth can accomplish so that God may leave his signature through your life to future generations."

Beloved, did you know that everyone born on this planet was created to stand out as unique? And isn't it exciting to learn that God placed the plans for our life within us when we were born, and that is why we are told in scripture to delight ourselves in him that he may bring these hidden desires into a reality?

Dear visitor, did you know that people may not look like us and may be from a different culture or nation, but they have a divine purpose for being here? Although they may be a dictator ruling with an iron fist, they have a divine purpose.

Beloved, they may be a murderer, a rapist, or even be mixed up in their gender, but they have a divine purpose. If we view them as who they are or what they have done, we have failed to see how God sees them. We may have been the very ones that God would use to help them discover that they are loved unconditionally, allowing them to make the egg to experience life because he has a divine purpose for their existence on his planet.

Dear reader, No one has your fingerprints, nor do they have your DNA because You are particular and were created to stand out instead of just blending in. Yes, beloved, you were designed to accomplish something unique that no other person on Earth can achieve, that God may leave his signature in our life.

Beloved, our God knows every piece of matter in the universe & everything seen and unseen has a purpose for its existence, and nothing surprises this wonderful creator.

Beloved, God has a plan to rescue as many as possible from Satan’s camp and gather together unto himself a people that he would call his family, and dear reader, our God can look at our past, present, and future all at the same time for His Holy Spirit was there when our moment was planned.

Beloved Saints, God approaches us with the preaching of the cross, which encourages us to accept Jesus Christ as Savior, and our getting Jesus is the first step in his plan that was predestined for us before the foundation of the world, for we were destined to become his sons and daughters at the cross.

Beloved, we must understand that God’s divine plan for us is in the Spirit, and his Holy Spirit is in us enforcing this plan as Spiritual law who armed with god's plan for our life, will take charge and control of the circumstances that surround causing natural law to be for or against us.

Dear reader, we need her classroom with her great reservoir of wisdom to reside within our spirit. Although we may read God's word without finding a book with our name on it, our purpose and calling can be revealed to us through the personal inward work of the Blessed Holy Spirit, who knows our purpose and calling, for he was in the Father’s presence when our life was planned.

Dear reader, did you know that the Lord Jesus fulfilled the law as the requirement for fellowship to be restored to man as required by a Holy God, then after satisfying the justice requirements of almighty God towards sin, established a new covenant based on faith in his finished work making the way for man his most significant creation to have eternal life and be adopted into the family of God.?

Beloved, the law was set aside with all its ordinances and sacrifices as a way to put man's sins forward for another year, which could never pay the sin debt passed on us through the rebellion of Adam, but the justice of God would not accept an innocent animal to redeem man’s sins for eternal life, therefore beloved,  God gave his lamb (Son) as a ransom for all. The sin debt was paid in full.

Dear reader, the wrath of God was satisfied when his son hung and died on that old rugged cross, and I am so thankful for the day God's darling Son became my dying savior. Beloved, God sacrificed his Son so he might have many sons adopted into his family.

Beloved, did you know that we can be adopted into the family of God when we accept the free pardon offered by God by believing and accepting the truth that Jesus gave his life in our place and was buried? On the third day, God raised him from the dead, sitting him at his right hand, making him both Lord and Christ.

Dear reader, when we surrender our life to God, we are no longer our own but have passed from death unto life, for our life is now hidden in Christ, the redeemer of our soul, Beloved; there is no room for depression and loneliness if we understand that God loved us enough to send his Son to die in our place so that we, through faith, might become the sons of God and be adopted into his royal family, becoming an heir with God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ.

Listen, dear reader, if God cares about the sparrows and knows when one dies, then he cares about you; he cares for the spouses who have lost their partner in life, He cares about the mother who has a son on death roll, He cares about those incarcerated serving their sentence for their crimes against society, and he cares for those who feel that they are all alone.

Beloved, people are essential to God, and he does not want us living in bondage but in the power and victory of the cross, for the Sin of humanity was dealt a mighty blow by our savior at the cross.

Dear reader, we need to start living as one who knows God from the free pardon of sin and put the devil where he belongs, and that is under our feet.

Friends, we must never give the devil an inch in our lives, for if we do, he will become our ruler as he lures us to take the bait like an angler trying to catch a fish, making it look appealing, but remember, if we do take the bait, it will have consequences and place us in bondage.

(Psalms 37:4) "Delight thyself also in the Lord, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart."