More About Us

Making A Difference!

Withered Hand Ministries was established in January 1993 as Guardian Angel Ministries, a one-on-one church ministry aimed at reaching out to a hurting world through radio and television programs, including tape ministry. The founder, Dr. Jerry W. Hulse, was a professional truck driver who became a recognized chaplain with the Association of Christian Truckers. His inspirational messages and CB Handle, "The Guardian Angel," earned the ministry broad recognition.

Withered Hand Ministries, Inc. is now a fully registered 501c3 non-profit ministry that is chartered and incorporated in the State of Tennessee. It is recognized as a conglomerate of churches with branches throughout the free world. Our Founder, Dr. Jerry W. Hulse, has been used by the Lord to start churches and ministries worldwide, including Withered Hand Ministries Philippines, Inc.

Dr. Jerry W. Hulse has been recognized by Don Stewart Ministries & Miracle Life Church International Ministry, which the late A.A. Allen founded. During this time, Evangelist Jerry received an impartation from Apostle Don Stewart, which included the anointing Apostle Don Stewart had received from the late Rev. A.A. Allen. In January of 2022, Dr. Jerry W. Hulse received special prayer, including an impartation from Apostle W.V. Grant, known to operate in the late William Branham anointing.

After conducting a powerful miracle service for Miracle Life Church International in General Santos, Philippines, Dr. Jerry and Agustina were offered and granted a license with the ministry. Dr. Jerry was recognized and licensed as an International Evangelist with this powerful ministry known for miracles and has many churches worldwide.

The Withered Hand Ministries, Inc. board unanimously voted Pastor Robert Hale for the office of President. You are welcome to come alongside this growing ministry, for we are "Better Together."

Our Vision

Our founder, Dr. Jerry Hulse, is an international evangelist with a vision to help those who have been hurt in churches, especially those who suffered due to strict denominational rules and unforgiving pastors. These people can be compared to the elder brother in the parable of the prodigal son, who showed impatience towards his younger brother. Many people, including former pastors, teachers, and elders, who love God and His people, are hurting and driving trucks across the nation's highways. To reach out to people of all cultures worldwide with love, Withered Hand Ministries Inc. was founded. Dr. Jerry has written over twenty-five books that he has purchased at his expense and shipped free of charge to ministries worldwide for years. Two of his books, "The Essence of Life" and "Eighteen Wheels and Jesus," have been used by the Lord to touch and enrich lives, especially those who suffer from low self-esteem due to being hurt in churches. These two books and many others can be downloaded from a particular tab on this website.

At Withered Hand Ministries, we clearly understand our purpose and calling, which drives our vision to create a ministry that glorifies God and reaches out to hurting people with the most significant news on Earth. We aim to bring life, meaning, and purpose to a troubled world, searching for answers and a reason to exist. 

What We Do

Withered Hand Ministries and The Call in Church are restoration ministries that aim to change lives by offering hope, meaning, and direction to a troubled world searching for answers. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought life as we know it to a standstill, leaving many people feeling scared and uncertain about the future. We strive to be a beacon of hope in these dark times and guide those looking for a reason to live. Our mission is to help people overcome their struggles and find the strength to face another day.