The Call in Church Ministries

Introducing The Call In Church


The Call in Church Ministries is a fully registered world out-reach ministry of Withered Hand Ministries, Inc. that serves to demonstrate the Gospel in action and  fulfill the great commission. Some of the messages from this ministry outreach are being broadcast on several radio stations that have the capability to reach a broad audience of people around the world. Our Vision is to facilitate people and ministries networking together in love and  unity through a Conference Line ministry outreach to a world looking for answers. Beloved, our ministers and ministries have a burning desire to reach out with the good news of the gospel of the kingdom to a lost and hurting world.

        Our programs are saturated with prayer answering a clarion call to reach precious souls that may have been left behind or who's lives have been unchanged by traditional evangelism. May the Lord bless all that take time to view our ministry both Spiritually, Physically and Financially. Dear Lord,  may we be willing vessels in your hands to rescue as many as possible from the grasp of the adversary and assist in bringing people together that will make a positive change needed to impact lives here in the United States and abroad A-Men.



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The Call In Church has a variety of different Ministers and can not be responsible for their individual teachings.

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All times are Eastern Standard

Sunday Programs

10:00 am - 714 Ministries

When people pray, the power of God is on Display!

Retired American Trucker
Live from Brazil

11:00 am "Live Church Service"

Dining With Jesus Program


Hosted By: Pastor Joseph Dunn



7:00 pm - Revival Time Ministries

Live Every Sunday at 3 pm Eastern on Rhema Gospel Express


8:00 pm - Glory of Christ International Ministry
Hosted By :

Monday Programs

6:00 am - The Everlasting Word Broadcast


                                  Hosted By Dr Septima H. Smith



10:00 am - Faith on the Move

 Live Every Saturday at 4 pm Eastern on Rhema Gospel Express


11:00 am - Knowledge, Wisdom & Learning

7:00 pm - Salt Mines, Digging into the Word

Hosted by Dr. Sonny Rudd

Tuesday Programs

6:00pm - Prophetic Wisdom & Worship


                                 Host Prophetess Karen Jaguar



Wednesday Programs

10:00 am - Voice of Thunder Ministries

The Bible Matters Program

Hosted by Elder Tom Lawhon, Jr



Hosted by Pastor Joe & Joni Vanover

7:00 pm - 714 Ministries

When people pray, the power of God is on Display!

                Retired American Trucker
                Live from Brazil

Thursday Programs

10:00 am - Mercy Ministries

Hosted by Pastor Jack Cooper

7:00 pm - The Travel's Path

Hosted by Pastor Jack Cooper

8:30 pm - Association of Christian Truckers

I 70 Exit 68 Brownstown, Illinois - Hosted by Director Mark Hewitt

Friday Programs

10:00 am - Lion and the King Ministry

Hosted by Dr. Anita L. Moore


5:00 pm - Encouraging Words

Living Stones Fellowship
Hosted by Pastor Dean Warner

6:00 pm - Glory of Christ International Ministry

Hosted by : Apostle Robbie Carswell




Evangelist Jerry and Prophet Frank are live Every Saturday & Sunday at 4 pm Eastern on Rhema Gospel Express

9:00 pm - Chariots of Fire

Pastor Joe & Joan Vanover     

Saturday Programs

5:00 am – Fire Talk Broadcast


                             Hosted by Apostle Timothy Smith


7:00 pm – Outreach for Christ Ministries

Hosted by Minister Marion “Hank” Nixon

9:00 pm – It’s Your Stage With Mr. Stephen

Hosted by Evangelist Stephen Gagne


Special Notice:

We have been asking God to send people like you to join hands and partner with us to reach out to a hurting world looking for answers and hope.

Beloved, if you feel you would be interested in growing your church or ministry, we urge you to grasp the opportunity to take a free program on The Call in Church and reach out to a hurting world.

Special Notice: “The ministers that have programs on The Call In Church have a special promotion from Elder James Lockhart to  have their own weekly program on Rhema Gospel Express 24/7 Internet radio that operates through the United Gospel Network.

Elder James Lockhart is the Founder of Rhema Gospel Express and is also the station manager with KROVFM Radio in San Antonio, Texas. You can reach him at 210- 884- 8744

P.S. Be sure and use the promotion code (WHM 777)

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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