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Testimony From the Browder Family 

Tommy Browder

“Jerry, thanks for praying for me at Health South in Kingsport, Tennessee, 21 years ago. You didn't know it, but I was at death's door, and JESUS CHRIST brought me back, and I'm still going   PRAISE HIS NAME.” I just turned 70, and the latest doctor reported that I have the heart of an 18-year-old."

Matthew Browder

“Jerry Hulse prophesied over me years ago how God would use me. It's happened and is happening! He has been an encouragement to me and my family.

I believe he has a heart for God, his people, and God’s ministry."

Bob & Laurie Smallwood

I met Jerry in the early '90s" on a snowy back road in Virginia. There had been a massive snowstorm, and the state police had called me to see about my radio station, thinking it could be damaged. I saw a big rig approaching and asked on the CB how the roads were, and he replied that they were terrible. He said follow me, and I will make a trail for you until we reach the interstate. He was a minister, and I later invited him to speak at my stations.

The people loved his preaching style, including the state troopers who worked in the area. One day, a tragedy hit, and my wife, Ruby Anne, fell sick and had to be hospitalized. My wife was diagnosed as having both arteries going to her brain being 95 percent locked. They scheduled her for surgery and were going to take the arteries from her legs and replace the ones going from her neck to her brain. I got ahold of Jerry, who went by the Guardian Angel and had him stop by the hospital and pray for her. He prayed and shouted all over her room, and they wanted to take her on to surgery, but I made them wait till Jerry got done praying.

They took her to surgery and placed me in a waiting room. In a few minutes, a doctor came in white as a sheet, and I asked, did my wife die? He replied, "We do not understand it, and we have called some specialists to come in and review her condition." He then said all our tests showed that she had both arteries going to her brain blocked with 95% blockage, but when we got into the operating room, her arteries were 100 percent clear." 


“I met Jerry W. Hulse in 1994 after singing a song I wrote about him in Illinois called “18 Wheels and Jesus”. This recording can be found on YouTube. One of Jerry's friends was at that event and ran to call him about a singer writing a song about him. Jerry lived five miles from me in Tennessee, but I had to go to Illinois to get introduced to him. I heard about his ministry from an 18-wheeler through a radio & TV personality, Bob Smallwood. Lately, in 2021, I have been out of work with nerve damage in my hand and arm. Jerry came by, ministered to me, and my hand regained mobility. 

Later, around 3  a.m., the scar tissue that was pressing on the nerves in my elbow was gone. God woke me up briefly, around 3 a.m., and I rubbed my elbow. There was no pain, no thickness, nothing but a standard feeling elbow. I woke Leila to ensure I wasn't dreaming, and she agreed. I am much praising in this house this morning for his goodness. I can put my arm on my chair without pain or nerve trouble. This is different from the hand movement. Yes, I'm thanking him even though it doesn't feel like thanks is enough. It's what I can do. My inward spirit and soul rejoice and shout his praise. Here is one of your first healing miracles in this new direction God is taking you. Jesus, thank you for Jerry and Augustina for their faithfulness, prayers, and Godly love toward me and my family. GOD BLESS YOU TWO!! I just had to tell you—love in Christ. You're welcome to share this story with others if it will help someone. 


Minister Gail McSwain

Jerry sent me a prayer cloth; my doctor just called me and said my hemoglobin and iron levels are normal. Praise God for the miracle, as they have not been normal since I can remember. Our God is a healer.