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                                                                                Welcome to Withered Hand Ministries!

          Dearly beloved of the Lord, we have prayed for God to send covenant partners and prayer intercessors to this life changing end time restoration ministry.  We have a burning desire  to be used of God to make a difference in peoples lives, especially people that are afraid as more and more freedoms are being taken from us as we near return of Christ and the beginning of the tribulation that will try all that are upon the Earth. 

Our founder Dr. Jerry W. Hulse is presently in the Philippines ministering alongside his wife Augustina Hulse, conducting  mighty revival and crusades. This is known to be the land of Ophir, the islands King Solemn sent to get the gold for building the temple in Jerusalem. We know that the Philippine Islands have a great history and is mentioned in God's holy word (Isaiah 60 verse 9) stating the Isles wait for thee. We also know that the Philippine people helped the Jews escape the wrath of Hitler during the Holocaust saving more than 10,000 Jewish lives.

        Beloved, Dr. Jerry and Augustina urgently need dedicated prayer partners and prayer intercessors to support them as they are being used of God to touch lives in other countries, especially dedicated trained intercessors interceding while they are  being used in crusades. If you feel this is you, and you would like to sign up as an intercessor for this ministry, then send us a message either to our ministry address or our email which is (

         Beloved, if the Lord lays it upon your heart to support or maybe you may want to become a minister with this awesome ministry, simply send us an email or send us a letter to our listed ministry address. There are forms on this website to fill out and either email or mail to our home address in Bristol, Tennessee.

       Ps. Please take note that this ministry operates throughout the United States and does not license or ordained anyone outside the United States. Should you feel you would want to become a minister that is connected with us then we do have some hope for you. We have just chartered and registered our International ministry that is based out of the Philippines. The name of the international ministry is (Withered Hand Ministries Philippines, Inc. The email for our international ministry is ( The website for the international ministry is

         Beloved, we now would like to personally thank you for taking time to browse through our website and we are blessed that you counted us worthy to read our invitation to become apart of a ministry outreach that was birthed in the spirit. We have prayed for people like you that have a burning desire to make and become a difference in a world filled with unrest and trauma.

We appreciate your prayers and if you should feel led of the Lord to  send some support for Evangelist Jerry and Agustina as they labor for God in other countries, please send it to our ministry address and we will make sure they get it. We will first make a record of it through our treasury then we will place the full amount in their bank here in the USA and we will promptly mail you a receipt for your giving back to the  address on your letter.

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Withered Hand Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 ministry.

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