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                    Welcome To Withered Hand Ministries, Inc.!

Withered Hand Ministries, Inc is an end time, restoration ministry being used by God to impact and transform lives throughout the world.

                                         We Prayed For People Like You!

We have prayed and asked God to send people our way with a hunger and desire to reach beyond the four walls of a church building and we are thankful that He has answered our prayers. We believe in being a part of a church collective body because we need one another in our christian walk however, we are not satisfied with routine church as the norm.

This ministry acknowledges those who according to today’s church may have sinned, fallen away, then repented and came back in fellowship  to the obedience of Jesus Christ. We believe the call of God and the gifts are without repentance. 

Our ministers are focused on reaching out to hurting people and have a burning desire to see meaning, purpose and the call of Almighty God rekindled in each life. We invite you to read through the pages of this website and prayerfully consider joining hands with this ministry in order to fulfill your own calling in the gospel ministry.

This life changing ministry shares your desire to see the drunk delivered from his makeshift home under a bridge, or to see a prostitute (like Mary in the scriptures) find the Lord and His outstretched hands of Love.

                                                      It Happened to Us!

We at Withered Hand Ministries, Inc know this is possible because we ourselves have experienced the same Love, mercy and grace from the Savior. 

Be sure to stop by our prayer request page and fill out the provided form. Look for the  recorded audio tab on that page and listen to the anointed prayer prayed just for you. We take our prayer requests seriously and make it a top priority to pray over your needs believing and touching the throne of God on your behalf  agreeing in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Matthew 18 verse 19.

Withered Hand Ministries is a growing end-time, life changing, restoration ministry.

We receive reports that people here and abroad are being healed and saved by the mighty power of the living God.

Be Blessed and Be A Blessing!