Friends and Partners in Ministry

We at Withered Hand Ministries realize that there is strength in a unified body working together for the same cause. The word teaches that one can chase a thousand and two ten thousand. We represent the Lord’s body here on Earth and let’s face it we need one another. If you were to isolate a burning piece of wood from the other wood in a fire it will not have enough heat to keep burning and will soon be reduced to a smoking piece of wood. The word teaches that when one member suffers we all suffer therefore we may be in another state or even another country but we never lose our connection because we are the born again family of God!

  Dr. Glen Moody - I Love Books and Teas

Fort Henry Mall - Kingsport, Tennessee 

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The Association of Christian Truckers – Click here

Director – Mark Hewitt

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Guiding Light International Christian Fellowship, Inc - Pageland,  South Carolina

Chief Apostle David A. A. Mungo


Miss Barbara Mack - Freedom Door Ministries


Joseph & Emily Sortino - Ministers United By Christ